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    • How do I advertise in Harrowsmith Magazine? To receive a copy of Harrowsmith Magazine’s media kit and rate card, please contact our ad sales team at ads@harrowsmithmag.com.
    • Where can I find the editorial guidelines for Harrowsmith Magazine? Please visit us here - EDITORIAL GUIDELINES.
    • About Us ! More than 40 years ago, in 1976, James Lawrence pasted together the first edition of Harrowsmith magazine on his kitchen table in rural Ontario. Totally unique, it was the first Canadian magazine to focus on organic living, alternative energy sources, and a country lifestyle. Lawrence’s ode to back-to- the-land virtues quickly attracted legions of fans and soon became Canada’s bible for rural living.

      To read more go to: https://www.harrowsmithmag.com/about
    • How do I contact the magazine? Please contact us here .
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    • How long before I receive my first issue? Harrowsmith is published 4 times a year in print and digital editions: Spring/March, Summer/May, Fall Almanac/August, and Winter/Nov.
    • How can I order back issues ? Please email Diana@Moongate.ca for back issues.
    • How do I order gift subscriptions? To order gift subscriptions, simply log on to your account and go to the New Gift subscription tab on the top right. Enter your gift recipient's name and mailing address and we will mail you gift cards to announce your gift.
    • Who can I contact about my magazine subscription? For any questions related to your magazine subscription, please contact Harrowsmith Magazine Service via email at subscriptions@harrowsmithmag.com, or via web at Subscriber services.